The Value of a Wedding

It’s really exciting to hear in the chancellors latest budget that there is going to be a shake up of the wedding industry as the laws surrounding weddings are quite archaic, specifically the rules surrounding venues which date back to the mid 19th century.

With the average cost of a Wedding in England being £30,335 according to the Bridesbook *National Wedding Survey 2018 it is a phenomenal amount for the majority of people for one day.

Understandably everyone has a budget and everybody has there own take on how he or she wants their wedding to be implemented and how it should look and feel.

Interestingly it seems that the actual ceremony itself isn’t always considered the most important aspect?  Controversial perhaps? Having attended several wedding fairs and seeing the plethora of services, add-ons, ideas and facilitates it is a bit of a minefield for couples.

Wanting to create a very individual wedding day is exciting with all the planning and support that is out there, however, getting back to the core of the day is the ceremony itself.  The words that are spoken, the vows that are promised and the additional elements that can be encompassed and involving special friends and family are really what it is all about.  It’s what you and your guests will remember forever.

The words and script written by a celebrant are not just plucked out of the air, or a standard marriage book.  A celebrant usually meets with the couple and gets to know their story, is proficient in finding out what is important to them and spends time creating something very unique.  The old adage, you get what you pay for comes into play here.  Consider this, would you walk into a restaurant and look at the menu, select the best dish on offer and then start trying to negotiate on price?

It seems that people’s perspective in certain situations changes depending on where they are.  In a church collection tray if you see £10 amongst the pound coins, it looks a lot yet when you go to the hair salon, especially for women paying £10 would seem very reasonable.

So at what cost should a professional set their price?  If a celebrant has spent money on training, has on going costs associated with being self employed and takes hours in time to work through the process of writing and delivering a personalised script what is the expectation of their worth?

I am sure there is a place for everyone and couples will decide how important their ceremony is in the big scheme of things but if a budget is set, should the ceremony cost not be at the top of the list?

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