Re-Loved – up-cycle your carefully crafted personalised wedding items

Having been involved with a number of Weddings both as a Venue Owner, Celebrant and Wedding Co-ordinator I understand the outlay involved with Weddings.  The national average spend last year was a staggering £17,674.

Undoubtedly, there are some necessities required in the whole “planning a wedding’ process but still most couples have a budget of between £10k -£20k.  If anyone has started or is planning a wedding, you’ll know that costs can soon rise, and the budget starts to diminish so being thrifty and creative is a bonus.

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter and most couples want to personalise their wedding. 89% of couples choose DIY elements such as ceremony and reception venue decor, table numbers and seating chart. But what do they do with all their carefully selected and crafted goodies afterwards?

As a nation we are becoming more conscious of re-cycling and appreciating that not everything has to be thrown away.  We have all heard the terms re-cycling, re-using, up-cycling but we don’t often hear the term Re-loved!

Re-loved is aimed at those couples that have carefully crafted personalised wedding related items, loved using them and now want to spread the love by passing them onto new couples.  As well as the feel-good factor of re-using beautiful items it’s a thrifty way of making some money and helping others save money.

There is a plethora of on-line sites where people can sell, often at greatly reduced prices, but there is nothing like seeing and feeling the goods.

We will be running a number of dates throughout 2020 offering couples the opportunity to join this revolution and start selling, saving money and spreading the love.

If you have any goods, you’d like someone else to love as much as you did, please feel free to get in touch; we will also post photos of your items on our social media pages for free.