Living in Lockdown

living in lockdown

We are experiencing life as never before during these extraordinary times.  I’m incredibly humbled by some of the remarkable stories we see and hear on a daily basis.   I look forward to celebrating NHS/key workers night on Thursdays.  I love to see communities coming together and supporting one another.

Everyone has been affected in some respect by the lockdown, whether it be employment, business, celebrations, finance, children, emotions, relationships and most importantly health.

I miss my family and have celebrated a birthday during lockdown!  Happily, I am healthy and have been able to do socially isolated walks daily, that I am logging with friends on Facebook.

Everyone will have their own methods of dealing with their current situation in life and it is fascinating observing how people are surviving and thriving.  I’m particularly interested to hear how wedding related businesses are working and how couples that have had to cancel or postpone their ‘big day’ are dealing with that.

I was speaking to a venue owner this week who has managed to offer alternative dates either later in the year or in 2021 and has done their best to compensate couples if for instance their original day was a Saturday and they could only offer a mid-weekday as an option.  I have also read other stories of seemingly unhelpful venues that appear only to be interested in ‘money’ and do not appear to have any moral compass when it comes to supporting individuals.

Celebrant and Wedding Co-ordinator

As a Celebrant and Wedding Co-ordinator, a self-employed, problem solver and creative and caring attitude type of person.  I have no problem in understanding the frustrations of couples and business owners alike.  I think that those people who are empathic have a lot less stress in their lives.   At the end of the day a wedding is one of the biggest events in anyone’s life and people clearly want it to be perfect.  To suddenly discover that all the months of planning and preparation have just been halted must be heart-breaking.  Money too is a considerable issue as the average wedding spend in 2019 was over £17k.  On the other side of the coin businesses need to make money to survive and despite some support from the UK Government, this will not cover the revenue that businesses will lose during this lockdown. One small business owner told me their business had instantaneously lost over £15k.

Some businesses are offering virtual options and keeping interest by social media channels.  Communication is key.  As none of us really know how long this lockdown will last and the limitations that may be imposed following; it’s important that we all stay in touch to support one another.

Perhaps couples have been happy with all the interaction they have had with suppliers and venues which is wonderful, but I am sure some will have experienced some unhelpful disputes.  On the other hand, I know some venues in particular have come up against harsh reactions from couples.

People buy from people and perhaps this is the time to consider who each of us is happier working with?  Can individuals be compassionate, empathetic, flexible and reasonable?

Couples will have their wish list and small businesses often have their ‘ideal’ customer.

Now is a great time to be making contact with businesses, suppliers and looking for ideas, options and planning.

I have always promoted individuality of the ‘ceremony element’ which I still consider is the foundation of any wedding.  Now more than ever, the words people say, the meaning behind them and the individual components that a celebrant help couples create can be so much better than any customary or standard service.

If you have time on your hands and ‘think out of the box’ why not get in touch and let’s get ceremony creative.
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