Ceremony costs

Wedding Ceremony

Currently in England Celebrants can officiate weddings but the legal element must be conducted by a registrar here is a useful link for details.


With a Celebrant Wedding there are no limitations in terms of content, format or style of a Wedding Ceremony, you can have your ceremony where you want; a venue does not have to be licensed.

Commitment Ceremony

For couples who would like to publicly declare life-long dedication, love or friendship.

Renewal of Vows Ceremony

For married couples wishing to celebrate or renew their vows.  A poignant way to celebrate time spent together, love for one another and reaffirming their commitment to each other.

Prices start from £500

Services include

  • A FREE initial conversation to ensure both parties are happy to work together, this can be done via telephone, E-mail, Skype or in person dependant on distance.
  • A meeting with those involved and carefully recording details of key individuals who are to be included within the ceremony.
  • To draw up an outline of the proposed ceremony and make any changes in accordance with the wishes of the clients.
  • Creation a truly bespoke script and/or elements in agreement with the client.
  • A “rehearsal” of the ceremony on location.
  • Liaison with venue staff, (if applicable), clients/friends in respect of running order and other arrangements of the ceremony.
  • Delivery a personalised, meaningful and unique ceremony.
  • Provision a “family copy” of the ceremony script.
  • Provision a “ceremony certificate”.
  • Available for photographs, if required.

Prices start from £250

Naming Ceremony

A lovely alternative to a traditional christening, a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved as they pledge their love and support for your child’s future development.


If you chose to have any additional elements prices will be in accordance with your specific requirements and time spent in preparation of each.

Additional Costs

  • Travel Expenses charged at 45p per mile
  • Other requested Ceremony Elements
  • Accommodation for any overnight stays, if required
  • Themed attire, if required

All costs would be agreed in writing in advance.


*A 50% non-refundable deposit is required when booking.