Celebrate with a Celebrant

There is nothing nicer than attending a Wedding and being surrounded by joyful people looking smart in all their finery.

In my 20’s I seemed to be fortunate enough to be a guest at a few such occasions. In fact I was a bride in 1986 with a traditional church wedding.

A good number of those “1980’s” newlyweds have been blessed with children and even grandchildren.  However, life has different plans for some of us.

Sometimes couples for whatever reason are not always destined to stay together but often have the good fortune to meet another partner further down the path of life.

Love is love, an intense feeling of deep affection whatever age someone is. Being able to be part of helping couples “tie the knot” for the first or another time is something very special indeed.

In today’s society we live in a splendid rich fabric of different faiths, cultures, beliefs and attitudes and I consider that being a celebrant fits perfectly with the diverse unions that are happening more freely now.

A celebrant service encompasses what is important to the couples involved and can include customs and rituals but eliminates the restrictions that can often be imposed by others.  A Wedding Celebration is such a special event and should be precisely what the couple desire; creating a unique, individual, memorable and special day.

If you would like to discuss a celebrant wedding which perfectly reflects your aspirations, I would be delighted to arrange a meeting to discuss and explore the opportunity of working with you.


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