Living in Lockdown

We are experiencing life as never before during these extraordinary times.  I’m incredibly humbled by some of the remarkable stories we see and hear on a daily basis.   I look forward to celebrating NHS/key workers night on Thursdays.  I love to see communities coming together and supporting one another. Everyone has been affected in some READ MORE

Adapting to Life and Planning your Wedding

On a daily basis you’ll be reading and hearing masses of news, hype, fake, cheery and heroic stories in this very extraordinary world we are currently living in.  Everyone has been affected by this horrible situation. Wedding couples are no exception and the knock of effect to friends, family, venues and suppliers seems inconceivable.  Every READ MORE

The Value of a Wedding

It’s really exciting to hear in the chancellors latest budget that there is going to be a shake up of the wedding industry as the laws surrounding weddings are quite archaic, specifically the rules surrounding venues which date back to the mid 19th century. With the average cost of a Wedding in England being £30,335 READ MORE

What a service this could be!

The great thing about choosing to have a “Celebrant Wedding Ceremony” is the fact that once the legal’s are done (and that can cost less than £50) you can have your celebration anywhere you like.  A venue does not have to be licensed. There are so many brilliant and exciting aspects to organising an event READ MORE