Adapting to Life and Planning your Wedding

On a daily basis you’ll be reading and hearing masses of news, hype, fake, cheery and heroic stories in this very extraordinary world we are currently living in.  Everyone has been affected by this horrible situation.

Wedding couples are no exception and the knock of effect to friends, family, venues and suppliers seems inconceivable.  Every person will react and feel differently as everyone is an individual and unique.   I’d just like to talk about things from my perspective; as a self-employed celebrant who has a lot of ‘life’ experiences of working with people and managing businesses.

Each day we are waking up to reports of the ever-developing situation of this dreadful coronavirus.  We know it is affecting the whole world.  Your world is a priority to you; that may include your health, your family, your friends, your work.  At times of uncertainty it can be upsetting, confusing and frustrating.  This may be a simple statement, but I believe we need to put things into manageable quantities.  Trying not to look at the difficulties you face as a whole but separate and prioritize them, so you don’t feel so overwhelmed.

Stripping back everything ‘health’ is the most important factor at this time; that can mean physical and mental.  We have been given instructions from the highest level to “Stay Home and Stay Safe”.  This is clearly a priority as you need to get through this to be able to enjoy your wedding day with your partner, with your family and with your friends.

We have to be thankful that we live in a digital era and can gather so much information online and can communicate with each other even though we may not be able to meet in person.

So many of us have lost income yet still have bills to pay and mouths to feed; there isn’t going to be a quick fix to this and those still earning have to be thankful for that.  Other people are having to seek help and that is likely to be an arduous task.

Getting back to your wedding.  Ok, it may have been cancelled or postponed, which is heart-breaking but try not to despair.  You are likely to have time on your hands to think differently, perhaps this situation has focussed your mind on the really important things in life?

I am fortunate enough to live in a rural setting and despite having lost work, income and physical contact with friends and family I have set myself a goal of walking every morning.  I am lucky enough to be in good health and appreciate the fact I can walk; in isolation.  This gives me time to reflect and appreciate what’s around me.  Really simple things!

As I walked this morning the sun was shining and I set off on a path I’ve walked before, but I took a turning and wasn’t sure where I’d end up.  I thought it’s a little bit like life at the moment.  I continued deeper into some woods and listened to the various birds, still unsure of my route I just kept walking.  I got to a river and decided to follow that.  There was a bridge with a ‘Private No Entry” notice and again I thought it was interesting as in life we sometimes are prevented from going where we think we’d like to or where we think we should.   Anyway, as I continued, I saw some beautiful scenery and wildlife and ended up in a familiar place.  It just struck me that if I hadn’t explored, I wouldn’t have experienced so many lovely things.

If you are in a position that seems to have a “No Go” sign at the minute; why not explore different options for your wedding and ceremony?  Take your time now to consider how you now really feel about your partner, especially in times of crisis, what is really important to both of you, when would you like to do the things you desire and why you want to spend the rest of your life together?  If you consider all of this that could be the basis of “Your Vows” “Your Story” “Your music Choices” and “Your Wedding Gift List”.

As a Celebrant and Wedding Co-ordinator this is where I differ from those delivering ‘standard’ ceremonies.  I just wonder how many people have said the same vows to each other, in a religious setting or with a registrar?  How many people have spent quality time talking and getting to know the person that will deliver their ceremony? The people delivering those ‘regular’ ceremonies are some of the lucky ones and will still be getting paid!  All the Celebrants I know are self-employed, so we work harder, think outside the box and get to know our couples before creating ceremonies.

If anyone is inspired to break away from “conventional” I’d love to help and work with you to craft a “your very special ceremony”.  #BeSafe

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